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From pencil to pixel to poplar...


So how does an 'Off the Wall' design get off the drawing board?

Stage one; you’re satisfied with your efforts in 2D. But what works on a drawing board or on a computer screen doesn't necessarily work as a 3D image. Especially when that image is made from just a few pieces of wood!

Stage two; the hard work - and the perspiration begins. Chopping, changing, tweaking. A bit of trial. A lot of error. Then tweak again. It's all part of the design process. The studio is littered with 'prototypes'. The bins are overflowing. But eventually, you get there. You've got the balance right. You've kept the soul of the original design. You've successfully moulded paper into wood. And you've done it with as few pieces as possible.


Because you know what? That's how it usually works best!

Osprey Drawings.jpg
Osprey Assembly.jpg
Osprey Assembly.jpg
Split Tone.png
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