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This is a place full of ideas just waiting to be thought of.

When you live in the Cairngorms National Park, you don't need to look far for creative inspiration. Especially when your chosen subject is focused on the natural world.

Up here, it's all around you. There are lochs, heather, brooding mountains and forests.

There is serenity; in the mist, gently falling snow, a tinkling burn, or a whispering summer breeze. 

But there is also anger; in a gathering storm, a howling gale, torrential rain, or a driving winter blizzard.

And through it all you'll also hear the living sounds of the Highlands: The bellow of rutting Red Deer; the piping call of the Oystercatcher; the broody warble of a gliding Curlew; or the shrill yelp of a Golden Eagle.

These are my sources of inspiration. And there are more of them here than I could ever hope to do justice.


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