Highland Cow Wall Art


If I had a pound for every time a tourist has asked me where they can see a Highland Cow! Such is their worldwide popularity - who can resist the charms of this shaggy Scottish icon?



‘Sentinel of the Loch’ is a contemporary wall art depicting a ‘Heilan Coo’ standing proud in the environment in which they are most at home - the rough grasslands of a windswept Scottish glen. 



Available on either a black or slate grey baseboard.

'Sentinel of the Loch'

Colour Options
  • The Heilan Coo is as much an emblem of Scotland as tartan, whisky and bagpipes. A ‘typical highland scene’ would not be complete without one. No surprise then that one should turn up on an ‘Off the Wall’ wall art!

  • A complex scene with lots of depth, textures and wide open spaces. Now make it work using a few pieces of wood! 


    The artwork for ‘Sentinel of the Loch' began life on a traditional sketch pad. This was then digitally redrawn and all the elements separated using specialist computer software. Each of these elements are then cut from wood using a high powered laser, individually hand stained and reconstructed to form a 3D version of the original 2D design.


    The baseboard is made of pine. The 3D image layers are of poplar. All Wall Arts come ready to hang with two D rings mounted on the reverse. I recommend hanging on two screws rather than a cord, as this holds the Wall Art flatter agains the wall.


    Please note: All 'Off the Wall' products are entirely hand made. Therefore whilst I make every effort to maintain uniformity, there will inevitably be variations from one item to another (eg exact colour, knotting and grain in the wood etc). That's what makes each wall art unique!