Osprey Wall Art


An Osprey hunting on the Spey in early morning. This contemporary wall art depicts one of Scotland's most iconic birds in its natural environment. As with all my wall art, ‘Early Risers' is designed and hand crafted here in the heart of the Highlands and is made entirely from wood. This one will bring a touch of drama to any room!


Available on either a black or slate grey baseboard.



'Early Risers'

  • The Osprey has a long association with Highland lochs and rivers - and thankfully is now a familiar sight here in Speyside. I recently watched one soar high above the River Avon (pronounced A’an) - his ‘eagle eye’ scouring and penetrating the glimmering water surface below. At last, he registers a fleeting flash of silver. He locks on and swoops in, talons outstretched. Seconds later he emerges from a turbulent frenzy of water and spray with a well earned prize! A prize that is often equal to his own body weight!


    What more inspiration could anyone need?



  • People often want to know more about the design and production process that goes into producing an ‘Off the Wall’ design. Well, as you might expect, the computer plays an important part. But it all starts with the basics. I like to sketch the subject extensively before turning to the keyboard or the workshop. That way, I can get a ‘feel’ for the subject before deciding on how best to portray it in a few pieces of wood. Of course there is more than one way of skinning a cat. So quite often I will modify the design (or even the material spec) from one production batch to the next.


    The baseboard is made of pine. The 3D image layers are of poplar. All Wall Arts come ready to hang with two D rings mounted on the reverse. I recommend hanging on two screws rather than a cord, as this holds the Wall Art flatter agains the wall.


    Please note: All 'Off the Wall' products are entirely hand made. Therefore whilst I make every effort to maintain uniformity, there will inevitably be variations from one item to another (eg exact colour, knotting and grain in the wood etc). That's what makes each wall art unique!