Red Deer Stag Wall Art


This 3D wooden wall art pays homage to the power and majesty of the magnificent Red Deer Stag in its natural environment. Designed and hand crafted in the Highlands of Scotland, ’Moonlight Warrior' is made from pine and poplar wood and is available with either a black or slate grey baseboard.


'Moonlight Warrior' is also available as a clock



'Moonlight Warrior'

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  • It's October. And the Scottish hills once again reverberate to the haunting bellow of Red Deer Stags as they prepare to do battle on the rutting grounds. With a respectful nod to Sir Edwin, this 3D wooden wall art was inspired by the drama you might be lucky enough to witness in any remote highland glen at that magical time of year.

  • Scotland’s Red Deer herds are typically found amongst the bens, glens and forests of the Highlands. A complex image built from just five layers of poplar. 


    The artwork for ‘Moonlight Warrior' began life on a traditional sketch pad. This was then digitally redrawn and all the elements separated using specialist computer software. Each of these elements are then cut from wood using a high powered laser, individually hand stained and reconstructed to form a 3D version of the original 2D design.


    The baseboard is made of pine. The 3D image layers are of poplar. All Wall Arts come ready to hang with two D rings mounted on the reverse. I recommend hanging on two screws rather than a cord, as this holds the Wall Art flatter agains the wall.


    Please note: All 'Off the Wall' products are entirely hand made. Therefore whilst I make every effort to maintain uniformity, there will inevitably be variations from one item to another (eg exact colour, knotting and grain in the wood etc). That's what makes each wall art unique!