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Golden Eagle Wall Art


The Goldon Eagle is without doubt the aristocrat of the Scottish Highlands. 'Lord of the Isles' is a contemporary wall art made entirely of wood. It depicts this majestic bird soaring effortlessly over the dramatic Highland landscape it calls home. 


Available on either a black or slate grey baseboard.

'Lord of the Isles'

Colour Options
  • I recently had the fortune to discover a previously unknown Golden Eagle eyrie not far from where I live. The Highland Raptor Study Group were kind enough to let me accompany them when it came time to ring the two chicks the Eagles had reared that year. An amazing experience that was the inspiration for 'Lord of the Isles'.

  • Doing justice in the medium of wood to this feathered icon of Scottish skies was the first challenge. Doing equal justice to its breathtaking natural environment was the next. 


    The artwork for ‘Lord of the Isles' began life on a traditional sketch pad. This was then digitally redrawn and all the elements separated using specialist computer software. Each of these elements are then cut from wood using a high powered laser, individually hand stained and reconstructed to form a 3D version of the original 2D design.


    The baseboard is made of pine. The 3D image layers are of poplar. All Wall Arts come ready to hang with two D rings mounted on the reverse. I recommend hanging on two screws rather than a cord, as this holds the Wall Art flatter agains the wall.


    Please note: All 'Off the Wall' products are entirely hand made. Therefore whilst I make every effort to maintain uniformity, there will inevitably be variations from one item to another (eg exact colour, knotting and grain in the wood etc). That's what makes each wall art unique!



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